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If you've bought a Hyundai car, you want to get your money's worth – you want the car to drive exactly as it should, all of the time, so that you can rely on it for both long and short journeys. In addition, when you've spent money on a car you want it to look the part, without the scratches and bumps that so many cars have these days.

Lloyds Autobody is one of the leading Hyundai approved vehicle repair centres in the UK, operating out Liverpool body shop. We aim to lead the way in quality control and customer care, providing a fully guaranteed Hyundai body repairs service that will have your vehicle looking, and performing, as you want it to.

Hyundai Approved

Hyundai has grown to be the fourth largest vehicle manufacturer in the world – selling cars because of the company's reputation for quality and endurance. However, it's a fact of life that your car will be at risk of the odd scrape, perhaps from vandalism or from careless driving of others. Our Hyundai approved paint workshop will soon have your car's body back to the high quality it had when you bought it.

We all try to drive as carefully as possibly, and some drivers are lucky enough to never have any accidents, or even have any car problems, throughout their adult lives. But unfortunately the probability is that you'll encounter issues with your Hyundai at some point or other – whether it be a small, minor scratch or a more serious situation after a nasty accident that's left your vehicle looking worse for wear.

Original Hyundai equipment

At Lloyds Autobody we only use original Hyundai equipment and so can restore your vehicle to the high standards that you rightly demand of your vehicle. Hyundai has given us its approval due to the highly trained staff who take such pride in their work, and who will do everything they can to get your Hyundai looking as good as new again.

Insurance guarantee

As well as repairing your car body, we provide an alloy wheel repair service and a courtesy car service for when you're in need of a vehicle when your Hyundai is being repaired. And our insurance guarantee, which is available on all work we do, means you can have peace of mind that your car is being looked after while in the care of Lloyds Autobody.

If you want to know how Lloyds Autobody Hyundai approved repair centre can help you, then give us a call to see how we can help.

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