Latest Jaguar XF-R Modification

Latest Jaguar XF-R Modification

It’s always a pleasure to do work for anyone who knows exactly what they want and aren’t prepared to compromise. That was the case with the soon-to-be owner of this beautiful Jaguar XF-R, the car is straight from the factory and still yet to be registered.

The XF-R is a stunning car anyway, sleek and low at the front, like an animal profiled for speed. The owner wanted to build on that, to take the wide open grills and intakes that bring to mind the predator, with jaws open at the point of the kill, and add the dark aggression by refinishing the chrome trim and chrome alloy wheels with the style and colour depth of gloss back.

Customised Paint Job XF-R

The result is a superb Jaguar that is slightly less ‘pretty’ but a lot more menacing with the understated suggestion of power and performance. If you are what you drive then – well, we wouldn’t say the owner is aggressive or menacing but we would show deep respect.

Jaguar modification is a specialist art and should only be carried out by technicians and crafts people at the peak of their skill.

Customisation, perhaps especially Jaguar customisation, always carries the risk of reducing value not enhancing it, unless that modification is planned with the same design values that went into the original concept drawings for the car. When it’s done properly, the result is a unique example of the body shop art and a unique expression of the owner.

We are proud of the Jaguar XF-R in the picture, the customisation is simple in concept but through flawless execution, profound in impact. The eye is drawn to the sculpture of the body rather than the highlight of the chrome we have replaced, and then to the driver.

It’s clear the owner has taste, an appreciation of the finer things and the determination to have exactly what they want in life.

Customisation; when the car has to be you. For more images on our custom projects, check-outLloyds Pinterest

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