Latest Range Rover Sport Modification

Latest Range Rover Sport Modification

Performing Range Rover modifications is a skilled task; it is never a job worth trying yourself if you require superior results.

The latest Range Rover specifications are aesthetically pleasing, traditional styling with modern touches that have brought it smoothly into 2013.

We have recently embarked on a training programme that allows our staff to learn all of the Jaguar Land Rover manufacturing method; this is to ensure that we have all modification-bases covered. If you have any interest or queries in modifying your beloved, we would love to hear from you.

Throughout the many years of Land Rover modification experience we have gathered, we are now able to offer a comprehensive design service that caters for many requirements. Whether you require different body-styling, detailing, the latest trim or bumpers we have it covered, to the exacting specifications of Jaguar Land Rover, every time.

Another part of our process has been to install a fully capable aluminium bay at the workshop, this is to prevent corrosion as well as maintain a high level of craftsmanship that your car deserves. We extend the use of this facility from the current generations of Land and Range Rovers and continue onto Audi and Mercedes vehicle requirements.

We currently undertake a variety of bodywork from local dealerships and we are listed as their approved specialists.

Following a strict audit process from Jaguar Land Rover and a large outlay on approved tooling and paint facilities, we now receive business through dealerships to carry out authorised work on vehicles that have returned to the showroom requiring a service, modification or even a part re-spray.

Our painting service doesn’t stop there, we are now the first point of contact for the manufacturing plant in Halewood; this is for customers requiring a custom colour. We are also capable of a complete Range Rover colour change using the approved tools and colours we have invested in and the expertise we have acquired over the years.

Range Rover Colour Change

Converting a Range Rover Sport

A few months back we had a request for a complete Range Rover colour change, the customer needed something a little less dark for their new life in Spain, the process was unthinkable to many, a black paint job to white. Using all of our combined experience and expertise, we made the dream a reality and the car has never been cooler!

As the pictures show, our designers liaised with the client to ensure that the finished result was going to be everything they wanted, the customer’s 2005 Range Rover Sport was transformed into 2012 Range Rover Sport Autobiography model.

This was the Range Rover Sport before it’s new paint job

Before Respray

And this is what it looked like on the way back out!

After White Respray

The transformation included a complete outer body re-spray from Metallic black to Fuji White as per Range Rover approved, Spies Hecker paint, this included all shuts and near-complete strip down of the car’s body shell.

Detailing on the car included a gloss-black roof, wheels and smaller detailing on the car’s badges, the car certainly had a much more menacing look after we were finished with the painting process.

Range Rover Alloy Wheel’s Refurbished

Alloy Wheels

New Features such as New Grills and High Gloss Roof

New Features

Following the painting process, we were meticulous in the polishing process to give the car a mirror-like sheen, using 3M products; we were able to really show the car in its new light. Once the polishing was complete, we used a 3M hand-wax and a full valet to give it the ‘famed’ new car smell.

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