Your cars value and purpose is tied up in its appearance and the impression that it projects. In addition to body repair and servicing, here at Lloyds Autobody we can also offer you refurbishment of your alloy wheels.

Even the most careful drivers will notice occasional wear and tear on their alloy wheels. This wear and tear can result in chips, dents, scuffs, scratches and other marks that detract from the overall appearance of your vehicle.

Fortunately, our staff is able to remove these marks with our alloy wheel refurbishment process. Not only does this service keep your car looking at its best, but refurbishing your alloy wheels can also help your car to keep its value.

If you are interested in valet and alloy refurbishment services, please contact us to book your car in for an estimate. Here at Lloyds Autobody we offer a professional, high-quality service that will keep your car looking at its best while helping to maintain its value.

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